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Chiropractic Care

Evans Chiropractic is a comfortable place where all ages can receive the high-quality natural care they need. Dr. Jason seeks to restore the alignment of your spine so that you can heal and feel your best.

Our patients report a broad range of benefits such as an improved range of motion, better posture and a feeling of greater well-being. While medications cover up your problem, chiropractic goes to the source. By improving the function of your nervous system, everything else in your body can work optimally – your heart, lungs, digestive system and reproductive system, to name a few. You may also feel better mentally thanks to having proper serotonin production.

Improve Your Life, Naturally

We commonly see a variety of conditions such as

  • Digestive problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Painful periods
  • Upper crossed syndrome
  • Lower crossed syndrome

Our youngest patients are babies who might have colic or constipation. Studies support that blood pressure has been proven to decrease and stay lower with a single adjustment. The possibilities are seemingly endless of what can improve when we boost your nervous system function!

Catering to You

Dr. Jason is skilled in a variety of techniques. Diversified and Gonstead focus on the junctions in your spine. An ArthroStim® instrument assists with curve corrections and the treatment of trigger points. If you can’t be adjusted on your side, a Thompson Drop table is available. Expecting women can benefit from the Webster Technique. If other areas of your body need attention, Dr. Jason provides extremity adjusting. The techniques he uses are reliable and designed to get you results.

New to Chiropractic?

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before and feel unsure of what to expect, let your concerns melt away. Dr. Jason will start off slowly and explain each step to you before proceeding. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment! We provide same-day appointments and have a new patient special offer available.

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