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Chiropractor Allen, Dr. Jason Evans
Meet Dr. Jason Evans

Seeing Chiropractic Make a Difference

While growing up, Dr. Jason saw a chiropractor regularly. It kept him healthy through playing football and soccer. He even stopped needing the inhaler he’d relied on for years after seeing a chiropractor. There were members of his family, however, who had the medical model fail them.

His aunt and grandmother were nurses who were stricken with cancers, hip replacements, knee replacements and thyroid removal. Though medicine was supposed to get them better, they were always sick. It made Dr. Jason start considering ways that people could get better without drugs and surgery. That led him into chiropractic. “I learned more and realized I could make a difference in peoples’ lives through noninvasive means.”

An Education in Natural Health

To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Jason attended Parker University. While there, he worked in the student clinic. One patient was a woman in her 40s. He adjusted her neck and then started to complete her paperwork. When he returned, the woman was looking at her phone. She exclaimed that it was the first time in five years she could read on her phone without needing glasses! It reinforced to Dr. Jason that if you remove interference from the body, you can express the best possible health.

The additional qualifications he holds include degrees in health and wellness, anatomy and business.

Walking the Talk

Dr. Jason lives the lifestyle that he preaches to his patients when not at Evans Chiropractic. He eats a strict diet, loves going to the gym and spends his time outdoors. You can often find him with his two Boxers, Jack and Lieutenant Dan, throwing their ball and taking them on walks.

He also enjoys fishing, hiking, camping and snow skiing. With an artistic side, he enjoys trying to play the guitar, particularly songs by Led Zeppelin. He discovered their IV album as a child, and the moment Black Dog came on, it was the most incredible thing he’d ever heard. It’s been his favorite band since!

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